Mary Klemenok

An Industry Building Opportunities for Women

A summer construction camp for girls is hammering away at glass ceilings and showing them they can!


An industry that has always been thought of as being male dominated has become a great opportunity for women to break the glass ceiling and pave the way for the younger generation. Women make up only about nine percent of the construction industry, but with the high demand of job opportunities, they continue to hammer away at stereotypes and build remarkable credibility.

This summer, hundreds of young girls from California, Oregon and New York will attend a confidence boosting camp showing them they can do whatever they set their minds to. In California, girls will learn how to design and build furniture. In Oregon, girls will learn how to shut off a water main break. In New York, girls will learn all about plumbing. With tradeswomen only making up four percent of the industry, teaching young girls such paramount skills can also show them there are no limits to their careers later on in life.

Keeping the camp to only girls is key to keeping the girls active, confident and enthusiastic about their work rather than being concerned with the possibility of having to take the backseat to younger boys. At Hughes' weeklong Girls Build camp in Oregon, girls participate in 80 minute workshops each day involving individual and team projects. Some previous projects have included building lamps, clocks, playhouses and a "one and done" project that they start and finish within one session. The best part about it? The girls can help their dads with power tools and build knowledge that will never leave them. That's right, these girls handle everything from power drills to chop saws and that's what camp is all about!

There is no better time for these camps than right now with the Professional Women in Building taking off in the industry and even better, the Middendorf's event taking place on August 2nd. These young girls will grow up with women such as Judy Dinelle and Joanne Theunnisen leading the way for their future in construction and remodeling. These women continue to inspire young girls to never hold back on becoming what they desire to be even if that means taking the leap and pursuing a career that hasn't been a hegemonic norm for women.

Blog Post By: Mary Klemenok | CRBA Communications Coordinator

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