Mary Klemenok

Summer Isn't Always a Day at The Beach

Three Mistakes Homeowners Make During The Season


We think of summer as unwinding with our families, reading bestselling novels and enjoying the sunny weather while next to the pool, right? The season is here where we can take time for ourselves, but we can't forget to also take care of the closest getaway we have -- our homes.

John F. Kennedy once said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." Take it from the man himself! Summer storms bring periodic relief from the blazing heat, but they also can pack on considerable damage. Don't let the lazy summer days make you forget to assess your roof. The top things to look for are loose, torn, contorted and missing shingles. While you're up there, it's also good to look for large amounts of moss, lichen and pollen, because there's a good sign your roof may be decaying underneath from the trapped moisture. Your roof takes care of you, so make sure to return the favor and inspect it yearly. Save the money from repairs and put it toward a summer vacation!

It may not get blistering cold in Louisiana, but it sure does get hot. Whether you're dealing with driveways, sidewalks or patios, winter repairs can be quite difficult. There is no better time to handle cracked and crumbling pavement than when it's warm outside. Don't let environmental debris pile up on your pavement. Why? Well, unnecessary surface debris can redirect water's run-off pattern, which will cause your pavement to become prone to cracks and potholes. Not only that, but kill those weeds! Weed roots grow beneath the surface and can greatly contribute to cracks above the surface, which also allows for water to seep through. See how it all goes hand in hand? Don't neglect your pavement!

Another part of your home that is notable for collecting debris is your gutter. With heavy downpours in the summer, the damage to your home can be extensive and expensive! Your roof, and all things attached to it, take a major hit when storms are on the radar. While you're outside doing summer yard work or even grilling out back, take a short walk around your home to inspect your gutters. Important things to look for are leaks and clogs. Leaks can cause water to run-off into landscaping or even worse, around your home's foundation. However, clogs can add pools of water on your roof and can even cause your gutters to weigh down and eventually tear off. Save money and inspect early on!

Your home is your least expensive getaway. Although your comfy patio chair and a nice cold class of sweet tea may be calling your name, finish some home maintenance before you unwind. By keeping the exterior of your home in the best shape, your days will be full of relaxation. 

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